Erie Coke Hearing on last leg of proceedings

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Community members took to the streets today to call for a clean environment as Erie Coke and the D.E.P. continue to face off in front of the Environmental Hearing Board.

The hearing is entering it’s last leg as Erie Coke rested their case today and the D.E.P. called up their last witness to testify. Meanwhile, some residents said they want their voices heard.

Community members came out to call for the Erie Coke Corporation to be held accountable. While they were outside, Erie Coke’s Environmental Director Ed Nessleback took the stand inside the courtroom.

Nessleback testified that Erie Coke had made a tremendous amount of progress when it comes to complying to State’s environmental regulations. He added they are currently working on developing an Environmental Management System that wouldn’t miss things that Erie Coke officials have missed in the past.

When asked about Erie Coke’s relationship with the community, Nessleback said they are working on being more transparent with citizens.

“If you can’t be in compliance with something that’s as critical as people’s clean air and fresh water, then you shouldn’t be in business,” said Darnell Stallworth, Erie resident.

While testimony is wrapping up in this hearing, there is no guarantee the judge will make a decision tomorrow. That decision will decide whether or not Erie Coke will continue to operate during legal proceedings.

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