Erie community coming together for 9/11 ceremony

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Americans across the nation, inclduing in Erie, are honoring the thousands of people who lost their lives on September 11th 18 years ago.

Tiarra Braddock reports live from the 9/11 memorial in Erie where community members gathered earlier today to pay their respects.

The community members who were here earlier placed 100 mini American Flags around the Erie 9/11 memorial site.

Symbolizing that the people in Erie have not forgotteen about what happened 18 years ago today.

Americans are in mourning during the 18th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

More than 100 people are coming together on Wednesday to honor the 3,000 people who lost thie rlives during that trafic day.

“I think it’s important to understand the hisotry and what it did to our country and also how we continue to honor those who served before and after the attacks,” said Tony Dipasqua, Girard resdient.

Tony Dipasqua’s mother spent five weeks at ground zero after the attacks helping as a Red Cross Volunteer.

He says even though he was only around 12 at the time, he will never forgget how scared he was for her.

“Knowing that your parent is heading into a war zone and not knowing what that looked like and getting on a plane after planes had just been hijacked, it was overwhelming a scary, but I don’t think we fully understood what she was going to do,” said Dipasqua.

A reoccuring message during teh ceremony was the importance of making sure the younger generation of Americans understand teh significance of 9/11.

An Erie High Freshman says it’s important to pass down this history so these attacks never happen again.

“It’s realy sad. I’ve heard stories from my uncles taht lived in New York City, how htey had to leave work, run to their homes, and stay there,” said Connor Flynn, Erie HIgh Student.

9/11 also hits hard for first responders in Erie and all over the country as hundreds of men and women died trying to save people after the attacks.

“As a first responder, we will never forget. We lost over 300 firefighters in that terrible tragedy. The police lost a lot, EMS lost a lot, that’s something that you never, ever want to forget, ” said Chief Guy Santone, Erie Fire Department.

During the memorial ceremony, organizers played clips of news recordings of poeole from across the nation telling their stories of how 9/11 has impacted them.

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