Erie community members remember where they were on 9/11

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18 years ago after the attacks of September 11, 2001, some are able to recall the day as if it was yesterday.

18 years ago today, the events that took place would create a scar in American history that will be forever lasting.

As each year passes by, reminding all of an attack that would claim the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

9th grade McDowell Intermediate Assistant Principal, Shannon Patton, says September 11, 2001 is a day she will never forget. Patton who was then teaching social studies, was in her planning period, she recalls flipping on her TV.

“I was sitting there all by myself as I was watching as the second plane flew. It was horrifying,” said Shannon Patton, 9th grade Assistant Principal, McDowell Intermediate.

Patton says it became more of a challenge throughout the day to teach as students began to learn about what happened. She struggled to balance her own emotions.

Patton says it was special to see how the world came together the day after 9/11.

“9/12 is the day maybe we prefer to remember we we’re all together and feeling good about the country,” said Patton.

Mercyhurst University History Professor Chris Magoc was also teaching the day of the attack. He says as time moves away from the events of 2001, memories seem to lessen.

“Just like World War II, the Civil War, the memory and the meaning, and significance of this event, like other great historical events, recedes in time and our understanding, sadly,” Magoc said.

Professor Magoc says no matter whether you were alive on 9/11 or not, looking at the pictures of the events that took place and listening to voicemails left by passengers from Flight 93 will strike an emotional cord.

“To be human is to understand the horror and the pain of that moment,” Magoc said.

Magoc saying it is really important for everyone to understand the meaning and consequences of 9/11.

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