Erie County 911 Dispatch Systems Back Up and Running

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We now have more details on what caused an unexpected system failure at the Erie County 9-1-1 center. The Erie County 911 center was experiencing technical difficulties for about 30 minutes Tuesday evening.

There was a backup battery system failure which resulted in a loss of power to mission-critical systems including: 9-1-1, computer dispatch and the radio dispatch console system. “At that point and time, our telecommunications staff made an announcement to all first responders to man your stations,” said John Grappy, Director of Department of Public safety.

Although there was a system failure at the Erie County 911, there was a back-up plan in place. The Director of Public Safety for Erie County says all 911 calls were rerouted to the Jefferson County 911 center. “They were processed the same way that Erie County would of processed those calls, those calls were sent back to the Erie County dispatch center and since our public radio safety system was still operational, we we’re still able to dispatch emergency calls,” Grappy added.

Gary Lee, the director of administration for Erie County says he is glad there was no disruption in emergency response services. “We take these types of services and 911 services very seriously and we always want sure back up process… works well and in this case it did, ” said Lee.

There is still no word on what caused the unexpected system failure. Erie County officials are continuing to work with NEWCO Electric Co. to determine the root cause of the backup battery failure.

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