Erie County Board of Election certifies votes from 2020 Election

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The next step toward a Joe Biden presidency is completed at the Erie County Courthouse Thursday night. The Erie County Board of Election certifying votes from the election.

The Erie County Board of Elections says this election went as smooth as possible, adding that there were no legal challenges that are pending in Erie County.

Signed, sealed, and delivered. The Erie County Board of Elections unanimously certifies the 2020 election results.

“We’re essentially done, unless something would arise out of a judge’s situation that would be re-introduced or something.” sand Carl Anderson.

According to the Erie County Board of Elections, President-Elect Joe Biden won the local race by more than 1,400 votes.

During the 2020 Presidential Election, more than 40,000 Erie County residents voted by mail. Election board members say the next step is to focus on the primary. With that comes more training.

“We have a lot more people at the polls, so a lot more training, particularly in the general election. A lot more things were complex.” Anderson said.

Another challenge on Election Day was a power outage, which led to using backup generators for 90 minutes.

“An election like this just amplifies those small problems. We didn’t really see any major problems on Election Day and we were grateful for that, but there were some small snafu’s.” said Jim Wertz, Erie County Democratic Chairman.

Moving forward, Wertz says the 2022 Gubernatorial Race will be a big draw for voters in Erie County. He says that he’d like to see the state give more time to process mail-in ballots.

The Erie County Board of Elections will prepare for the primary election in 2021, adding that they will soon start reorganization the board.

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