Erie County Council Hopeful to Mitigate Spread of COVID-19 Locally

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Erie County Council is hoping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 with members continuing to find ways to allocate more than $24 million in “Cares Act” Funding.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the country, members are taking action and they expect to allocate the funding in 10 different areas to help ease the spread.

Efforts are underway to ease hardships caused by COVID-19.

That’s through a $24 million Cares funding from the federal government.

“The Cares Act funding is very specific, there’s a very rigid protocol and guideline we have to follow, they are specific what we can spend on it,” said Erie County Councilor Kim Clear.

Council expects to distribute funding to ten different areas where assistance is needed.

Among those areas, PPE Purchases, outreach efforts, small business programs and treatment programs.

Council members are also keeping a close eye on places where revenue is crucial.

“The Convention Center Authority, or Erie Events, which county government is specifically county council is the guarantor on the bonds or properties owned by the Convention Center Authority,” said County Councilman Carl Anderson III.

No scheduled events could leave county council the responsibility to cover expenses.

$200,000 will also be set aside for administration work.

“We want to strategically make sure that these funds are distributed so they can do the best possible work as we move forward, because we know there’s going to be more costs down the road,” he added.

All of the funding for COVID-19 must be spent by December 30th.

County Council is also working on a dashboard within their website where community members can publicly view where all funding will go.

The distribution of funding is expected to take place in a few weeks.

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