Erie County Council meets to pass a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis

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Erie County Council met this evening to pass a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.

Here is more on how this will impact the local community.

The passing of Resolution 42 means giving Erie Council time to create a plan to address inequities in the public health care system.

This is a six month period that also involves officials and the greater Erie community.

“County council, the county executive, administration, we’re going to be involving school districts as well as business owners and also those members of the community. We need to come together to put a plan in place,” said Kim Clear, Erie County Council Woman.

Erie County Councilwoman Kim Clear added that her work as a public school teacher influenced her to support the resolution.

“See the disparities daily. I see what happens with prejudice racism and stereotyping and I want to be a voice for my students,” said Clear.

The vote for the resolution was not unanimous. One county councilman explained why he chose not to support it.

“I think the government stepping in telling everyone what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is inappropriate. We need less government and more people taking care of themselves,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Councilman.

Another member of county council said that he voted yes on the resolution to create a more equal healthcare system.

“The issue of racism how it affects us from a public health standpoint and action steps that the administration would use moving forward to overcome that in our community,” said Carl Anderson, Erie County Councilman.

In six months the Erie community will have a clearer sense of county council’s plan to address public health.

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