Erie County Council members speaking out against the Erie Coke Plant

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On the heels of the Erie Coke Plant being cited by the Department of Environmental Protection for multiple violations; Erie County Council members say they want to write a resolution to state officials about the impact the plant has on the environment.

“I don’t want them to leave, I don’t want them to shut down but I want to make sure that they operate in an environmentally safe way so that citizens are not harmed,” said Councilman Kyle Foust.

Councilman Foust giving praise to Erie City Council members and Mayor Joe Schember on their efforts to push the plant to follow DEP regulations. 

Erie City Council, along with the mayor have already agreed to write a letter to state officials “regarding the toxic pollution emerging from” the plant. We’re asking them to stay in compliance and really mean it. And not just do the minimum where six months down the road, there’s another environmental problem,” Foust added.

A member of the group Hold Erie Coke Accountable says he’s happy government officials in this area are taking a stand against the coke plant. “I know that their plant director has said they want to be good neighbors and I think maybe they’re seeing now that we are expecting them to be good neighbors and it’s not just a group of disgruntled old hippies, it’s our community leaders that are saying it too,” said Dr. Mike Campbell, member of H.E.C.A

Hold Erie Coke Accountable will be having a community meeting next Tuesday at 6:30 P.M. At East Middle School. 

Also on Tuesday, county council is expected to vote on a final resolution regarding the Erie Coke Plant. That meeting will happen at 7 P.M. 

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