Erie County Council might be approving the increase of salaries for elected officials in Erie County

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Erie County Council might be approving the increase of salaries for elected officials in Erie County.

We spoke with some council members today to see if this will be approved.

Erie County Council members are considering salary increases for the elected positions on this year’s ballot.

We spoke to two council members who have very different viewpoints on this issue.

The Erie County Council members are discussing whether or not to increase pay for several elected positions.

These positions include county executive, sheriff, clerk of records, treasurer and three council seats.

All of these positions are on the ballot this year and by law, the salaries must be set before the election.

“We are talking about what’s being proposed is potentially raising county council’s salary $1,000 to match what the even council members salary and a possible additional three percent,” said Carl Anderson, Chairman of the Erie County Council.

Many council members are agreeing on the increase of salary for elected officials, however one councilman disagrees.

“I just don’t feel comfortable giving these raises out right now. You know we had to raise taxes on a county level. Ouch, you know people are kind of upset about that. I think I’m going to take a stance. I’m going to vote no on giving them their pay raises,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Councilman, District 5.

Councilman Shank also said we need to think more about the community and how to help others during this time of the pandemic.

“I can’t with a good conscience. These men and women, these upper paid elected officials, a three percent pay raise in the middle of the pandemic. We have to lead by example. Let’s show them that we are good leaders,” said Shank.

No vote was taken tonight.

Council member Anderson said their next meeting to discuss more on the elected officials salary increase will be February 16th.

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