Erie County Council pushing back against the state over proposed lift changes

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If you use EMTA  lift services, changes may be coming soon in the way you pay and where you catch the bus. 

This coming after the commonwealth announced changes to the Medical Assistance Transportation Program. “What the state would like to do from what we hear is they like to do a broker model and out of that broker model they break it into three different brokers,” said Jeremy Peterson, acting executive director of EMTA.

Peterson says the state wants to break the medical assistance services into three regional groups which could result in higher fares for people.”Pennsylvania is not the first to test the waters on this, that we know, but we do know how the outcome could affect the service itself,” said Peterson. 

Erie County Council expressing their concerns over the proposed for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program at their meeting on Tuesday. “We’re worried with this regional brokerage system that they want to adopt that the cost and the accessibility of those transportation services will become more difficult to bare,” said Councilman Kyle Foust. 

On Tuesday council passed a resolution that encourages the state to rethink their proposed changes. “Sometimes change isn’t for the better… if you change a service that has really be working and has been working cost effectively, you need to be very careful when you do make a move,” Foust added. 

Peterson added EMTA representatives have also been contacting state officials to give their take on the changes.

Councilman Foust says their next steps is to forward their resolution on to the state’s legislative body.

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