Housekeeping efforts are being made by the Erie County Council as they discuss reorganization for the new year.

County council members made nominations on Tuesday for who will hold chairman and co-chairman for 2023. Erie County Council Chairman Brian Shank said every meeting in 2022 was a victory.

Shank added that Project Resolve is one of the biggest projects they worked on that involved a lot of debate, controversy and technical aspects. The council is now looking ahead and Shank told WJET what will continue to receive discussion this year.

“That’s always the budget – obviously everything’s getting more expensive. We can say that we are in a recession because I believe that we are, and everything’s going to get more expensive. We have to do pay raises and even a 3% pay raise is a little over a million dollars to the taxpayer, so we want to make sure we keep hammering on the budget,” said Shank.

The meeting ended with the decision to name Brian Shank as chairman and Mary Rennie as vice chair.