Erie County Council votes to raise wages by 10 percent

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Erie County Council voted five to two to raise wages and they will see this increase when new terms begin in 2020. 

Council voting on Thursday to bump up the wages for four council seats, the coroner and controller. 

Pay for council members will have a 10 percent increase and the other positions will get a five percent increase. “Nobody likes additional amounts of money even for council members or the administration or elected officials,” said Councilman Fiore Leone.

Councilman Leone and Councilman Kyle Foust were the only two council members to vote no for the pay increase. “I’m not faulting the council members that voted for it, I’m just saying that when I take the job through the home rule, it says it’s a part time job,” Councilman Leone added. 

Part time council members who represent the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th districts will see an increase from $9,880 to $10,868.

These pay increases wont go into effect until after the upcoming election.”We have to set the salary before candidates take out their petitions and so we felt candidates who are seeking those offices should know upfront exactly what their salary would be,” said Councilman Carl Anderson. 

The raises will cost the county an additional $11,454 a year. “County council is the last department if you will in county government to deal with any kind of bump in the equity of the pay plan,” Councilman Anderson added. 

These salaries are only set for those who will be running for the positions this year. The pay for the controller and coroner which are full time positions will increase by more than $3,000. 

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