Erie County Councilman organizes Back the Blue rally to support local law enforcement

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Erie County Councilman Brian Shank organized a local Back the Blue Rally on July 25th.

Hundreds of people came out to support law enforcement while riding their motorcycles from Harley Davidson Erie to a park over in North East.

Despite the large gathering, some people still wore face masks.

The Back the Blue Rally as they are calling it, started off over at Harley Davidson of Erie over on West 12th Street.

Supporters rode their motorcycles down to Presque Isle and met in Gravel Pit Park over in North East for the rally.

Shank said that Millcreek Police and State Police thank these people for their support.

“I’ve talked to all of our local police departments and they say one simple thing, thank you. That’s all they’ve said is thank you. We appreciate it. The morals a little bit on the low side and they appreciate it,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Councilman.

Erie Mayor Joe Schember informed Erie County Councilman Brian Shank that the City of Erie is not issuing any permits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, the support of the police rally could not be held in Perry Square.

“So we reached out to other municipalities and they said no problem so that’s why we moved it to gravel pit park,” said Shank.

Former Millcreek Supervisor John Groh helped organize the event. Groh said that people came out to the rally as an act of patriotism.

“You’ll find that most people are very patriotic whether they’re here or not they support the police,” said John Groh, Former Millcreek Supervisor.

Groh said that there are some people though that are reacting to the recent death of African Americans by the hands of law enforcement.

“Those incidents happened and those are wrong, don’t get me wrong that you know you have an officer that may do something wrong there. I’m not defending that, but what I’m saying is the other 99% of police officers out there are good people and would risk their lives for you,” said Groh.

Groh added that people reached out to him when they found out about the back the blue event. These people included a DJ service, West Ridge Fire Department and West Lake Fire Department.

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