Erie County Council is planning to discuss a possible adoption of a censorship resolution for the Blasco Memorial Library. This after a recent LGBTQ book display near the children’s area sparked controversy.

Thus, the resolution that was tabled at council’s last meeting is planning to be revisited soon.

Erie County Councilman Andre Horton is proposing changes to a resolution that would prohibit the censorship of reading materials in the Erie County library system

Horton added he’s responding to the controversy surrounding the LGBTQ+ display being removed from the Blasco Library this June.

The resolution calls this action a discriminatory violation of rights under state and federal law.

“I’m asking, almost demanding, that any policy that they put forward be consistent with the Erie Human Relations Commission Council,” County Councilman Horton said.

He said Erie County already has a policy regarding protective classes, but the library does not have a localized department policy.

Horton said that the matter may or may not be discussed at Thursday’s personnel meeting, however it will be addressed at next week’s regular session.

“According to my colleague Councilman Bayle, he wanted more time to look at the amended verbiage to the ordinance and so we certainly allotted him and the rest of my colleagues that time. Now it’s time to take a stand on it,” Horton explained.

Horton believes that the library should be free from politics and remain a center place for ideas, thoughts and knowledge.

“My intention is for the Erie County Library to adopt that policy and for it to do exactly what we are asking for it to do,” Horton went on to say.

We reached out to County Executive Brenton Davis’ office who does not have a comment on that resolution at this time.