The Erie County Executive is calling for a reset of a local commission after he says improper handling of funds took place among appointed board members.

County Executive Brenton Davis told us Chairman Gerald Blanks has officially been removed after an investigation into the distribution of funds to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission.

As a result, Davis said there will be a reset for the commission before $4.5 million from the county is distributed.

He said the next steps to get the commission back on track will be to appoint members of communities that were not involved in the allocation of funds.

“I will appoint a new member. I’m committed to appointing members from these marginalized communities to make this board and this commission truly reflect the diversity that exists here, to truly give a voice to these marginalized voices, and to empower them to have a seat at the table, to have a voice, and to have a chance at these funds going into their communities as well,” said Brenton Davis, Erie County Executive.

Davis says as the County Executive, he will take an honest look and do his due diligence to ensure no other improprieties or self-dealing takes place.