The Erie county executive is requesting salary increases for several positions.

County council will have the final say on those increases however.

The largest amount of an increase would be for those positions which are temporary filled that Brenton Davis says should get paid for the amount of work they are doing.

Erie County Executive Brenton Davis is requesting to increase the salaries of many job positions in Erie county to attract more people to apply.

The two positions in the county that the county executive is requesting the most amount of pay would be for the acting director to county health department and the acting director of veterans affairs.

Davis is requesting that the acting director to county health department receives more than a 21,000 increase to the salary.

He is also requesting that the acting director of veteran affairs receives more than 10,000 in pay increase.

Ultimately this decisions will be left up to Erie County Council.

“So what we try to do is if you are doing more work we want to give you a few more dollars to put in your pocket. You are doing the work let’s pay you for it,” said Brian Shank, Chairman of Erie County Council.

Davis said that the reason why these two positions are the highest increases are to compensate the interim workers for the pay they deserve.

“So when we ask for a $21,000 increase that is still saving tax payers $70,000 because we have one person doing two jobs,” said Brenton Davis, Erie County Executive.

After more discussion at the council meeting, Councilwoman Mary Rennie wants to make sure they examine both positions carefully before they can make a pay increase decision.

“People making $20,000, $30,000 and $40,000 making tiny raises, it’s just bad optics I think, and it is just a sad situation. I don’t want to see something like that happen. I would like to see fairness in county government,” said Mary Rennie, Councilwoman for Erie County Council.

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At the time of writing a vote has not been made yet. On January 18th council members only passed this on to the next meeting where there will be more discussion on what to do from there with the decision.