Erie County Health Department held a meeting regarding new licensing process

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The way vendors apply and pay for their health licenses is changing 

“Well before, we use to have the coordinators submit applications to us, but we often receive them late or the day of the event without any advanced noticed,” said Karen Tobin, Erie County Department of Health.  “And we weren’t able to prepare the right amount of staff.” Tobin says the new process requires coordinators to submit all the vendors’ applications and payments seven days in advance. “Of all the coordinators who have submitted their applications so far, it’s been helping things run so much more smoothly, but some still had questions,” said Tobin. 

The Erie County Health Department held a meeting at the Blasco Library Monday night to help inform vendors and coordinators about the new application process. “I know my fairs and my festivals are struggling with this new process and I wanted to explain that normally this responsibility falls on the vendor,” said Kathy Ross, owner of Ross Concessions. Ross was at Monday night’s meeting and she says she is also concerned about the rising application fees. “It’s unfortunate and as another coordinator said, it may knock some of her not for profits from doing an event because the cost of the health license is too much,” said Ross. The fees for a temporary license start at $40 for one to two days, $80 for three to seven days and $140 for up to two weeks. Applications and payments will no longer be accepted in the field. “And I think this over all will elevate the level of vendors in Erie and safety will be even better,” said Ross. 

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