Erie County officials talk bridge repairs

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Many bridges in Erie County are in need of repair, whether it be rust or even holes in the metal supports. Today, county officials gave an update on a fee that was adopted to repair those bridges.

Making bridges safer is the goal of a project put forth by Erie County and PennDOT.

Back in 2017, Erie County officials adopted an ordinance that would charge drivers $5 extra when they renew their vehicle registration. Emily Aloiz with the Erie County Department of Planning and Communications Development says the fee is important because so many bridges need repair.

“And that is a lot of bridges in poor condition and a lot of expense that the municipalities have to shoulder in order to maintain and replace these bridges.” Aloiz said.

PennDOT is making a $2 million match to use on poor condition bridges in the county. So far, there are seven bridges that have received funding. Those should all be fixed by 2021 or 2022.

“There are about 111 locally owned bridges in Erie County and about one out of three is in poor condition. So, it’s a relatively high rate of poor condition bridges.” said Brian McNulty of PennDOT.

Rick Allgier says he is glad the Etter Road Bridge in Greene Township will be getting some of the funding. He says inspectors have determined it needs to be replaced and has needed repairs for years.

“It’s been deteriorating over the past years and it’s become very bad, rusting out and it was a steel bridge and with all of the salt and use of materials, it has become deteriorated badly.” Allgier said.

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