Erie County Prison looks to get $95k full body scanner to detect weapons, contraband

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UPDATE 3/20/2019: Erie County Council has unanimously approved the body scanners.  For more on the approval, click here.

The Erie County Prison is looking to purchase a body scanner for the facility. 

The scanner comes with a $95,000 price tag and if you think that is pricey, Erie County Director of Administration, Gary Lee, says it is a needed scanner to keep the prison proactive.

“Research has shown that contraband entering correctional facilities are on the upswing. Any type of technology that you can utilize to help you is definitely good.”

The scanner is said to also be a more efficient way of checking inmates into the facility.

If purchased, the scanner will be similar to those used at airports, allowing prison staff to detect contraband.

Lee says that implementing the body scanner will not only help to move inmates fast, but will also make prisons a safer place.

“Were attempting to make this facility safer for the staff and inmates and to really be proactive, instead of reactive.”

Erie County Council’s Finance Committee will review the request by the prison. One council member, Fiore Leone, says he supports the purchase. “I have no problem in voting for it… I think it is a necessary item. The safer you can keep, not only the prisoners and the guards, but the community at large, the better off you are.”

The NUCTECH scanner has a pricetag of $95,000. After looking into the cost, Leone says it is a reasonable investment.

“I think that it’s good and in the end, it will save the taxpayers money. “

County Council will be reviewing the proposal for the scan tonight.

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