A local public health leader is retiring after decades of serving Erie County.

Charlotte Berringer is retiring after a 40 year career as a public nurse with the Erie County Health Department.

She’s currently the director of Community Health Services, most recently providing guidance for Erie residents navigating the pandemic.

Berringer said she has a passion for public health and is grateful for her time with the health department.

She said it’s the people that keep her motivated, adding she has seen a huge shift in public health over the past four decades. 

“When there’s not an epidemic or a pandemic, people aren’t nearly as aware. It’s hard to measure prevention and so much of what we do is prevention, so that’s not unusual. It’s certainly been a challenging few years, but over the last forty years so many changes have happened in public health,” said Charlotte Berringer, director of Community Health Services, Erie County Department of Health.

The search begins for the next director of health services at the Erie County Department of Health.