Erie County Republican and Democratic party leaders comment on upcoming primary election

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There are 11 Democrats on the ballot for Erie City Council and only one Republican running. As for Erie County Council, there are nine Democrats running and seven Republicans on the ballot.

In less than a week, candidates in the primary election will find out if they have been elected to run in the general election coming up in November. “The Democratic Party is energized, even for a municipal election cycle, we got a lot of candidates on the ballot, a lot of competitive primaries this year,” said Jim Wertz, chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party.

The chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party says they do have new and younger people running, but that is not a problem “It is a tough climb for the newer candidates and the younger candidates on the ballot. But listen, this is first step for them, it’s the first time that they have their name on the ballot and that’s a big leap forward,” Wertz added.

On the otherhand, the vice chair woman of the Erie County Republican Party says they are focusing more on the judicial race. “As far as the judicial race goes, I’m very confident in Ed Smith, he’s a very well qualified and we’re for him a 100%,” said Anne Grunewald, vice chairman of Erie County Republican Party.

One thing both parties leaders can agree on is that voter turnout is very important for this election. “It affects your whole being and people don’t seem to realize that, so if my plea can get 10 people to come out and vote. They’re saying the voter turn out out will be about 20, then I say 27,” said Grunewald.

Jim Wertz says the democratic party has been canvassing neighborhoods and encouraging them to vote.

Just a reminder the primary election is on May 21, so make sure to get out and vote.

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