Erie County residents react to day one of County Executives “Stay at Home” order

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Dozens of people are taking part in the “Stay at Home” order.

This comes after County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper confirmed a fifth case of COVID-19 in the county on Tuesday.

The order still allows people to leave their residence while taking part in essential activities.

From running, walking or even bicycling, people were taking advantage of the warmer weather while social distancing.

Some saying that it’s important to still keep on track with a routine during this pandemic while staying positive.

“You definitely don’t know who has it around you or even if you have it yourself. I guess it’s really important to just keep your distance and hope it’s over fast so we can get on with our lives,” said Claire Johnson, Erie resident.

The order still allows you to leave your home for essential purposes only. Those include activities such as grocery shopping, providing care for a family member or going outside.

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Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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