Erie County seeing largest jump in positive COVID-19 cases on day one of yellow phase

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Erie County continuing to see record numbers of COVID-19, with today seeing the biggest jump in cases to date.

As we enter the yellow phase for the first time, Erie County has the biggest jump in positive cases so far. One contributor being a group of co-workers.

There are now ten new cases of COVID-19 in Erie County. Of these new cases:

  • One individual is a teenager
  • Two individuals are in their 20s
  • Three individuals are in their 30s
  • Two individuals are in their 50s
  • Two individuals are in their 60s

Four cases are in Zone One, one is in Zone Two, and five are in Zone Five. You can check out these cases by zone by clicking on the map.

Five of these cases are connected to one of the nine from Thursday. All of them are co-workers in a local business that is open to the public.

“If you don’t feel comfortable in a business. If you feel that there is too many people in there, there is not enough social distancing or you don’t see surfaces being cleaned or all the things you want to see done for your protection, then turn around and go out.” Dahlkemper said.

The County Executive would not disclose the business.

“If people ask me what businesses are safe to go into, I would say none. That is the reality. Your safest place is to just stay home.” Dahlkemper said.

Over the past two days, Erie County has confirmed 19 new cases.

“Obviously, it’s been a concern all along. Anytime we see numbers increase, we know it can easily increase and that is when it get to be frightening and harder to control.” Dahlkemper said.

As for reaching a danger zone, that could force Erie County back to the red phase. For that to occur, we would need to see 50 cases per 100,000 over a 14-day period.

“We’ve never come close to that in Erie County. We’ve really been more like one per 100,000. That is more of the average we see. We are a long way from that. I don’t want people to think we’re almost there.” Dahlkemper said.

Contact tracing is taking place on the new cases to learn more about where they may have contracted COVID-19 and who may have been exposed. The county updates will resume on Monday.

You can watch the full replay of Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper’s daily update below:

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