Erie County steps away from EMTA

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The EMTA is facing a bumpy ride. Erie County Council votes all in favor to withdraw it’s funding.  But, not everyone within the County is supporting the decision. 
This vote to withdraw goes into affect  on Thursday.  At Tuesday’s meeting, County Council members explained after months of frustration, they feel it’s best for the county to no longer be a part of the EMTA.   Councilman Kyle Foust  said the county wanted to acquire the  assets and assume the obligations of the EMTA. “The city has financial troubles at this point and we’re here  trying to help them,” Foust said. 
County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper disagrees with the council members.  She said there is more than $200 thousand EMTA riders a month,  all of them living in Erie County, “To walk away to me as representatives of all citizens in the county does not serve those people. “
The city will be responsible for EMTA on June 30th. 

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