Erie Democratic Party releases statement on event held by Senator Laughlin

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As Erie County nears 1,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Senator Dan Laughlin is continuing to host his annual pig roast as a campaign fundraiser.

The pig roast will reportedly take place on Wednesday July 29th in Fairview.

In this event Erie Democratic Party Chairman Jim Wertz points out that there is no mention of adhering to the health guidelines set by the Pennsylvania Department of Health during this event.

Wertz states his concern that this event is being held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Senator Laughlin’s event illustrates the privileged perspective of his tenure in office, and the lack of respect for the public health of the community he claims to serve is irresponsible at best,”​ says Jim Wertz, Chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party. ​

Wertz also states that in addition to Senator Laughlins disregard for the public’s health during this event, the event as advertised offers no suggestion of social distancing along with mask requirements, the limit on the number of attendees or any clarification as to whether the event is an indoor or outdoor event.

Another concern that Wertz brings up is that the invitation mentions an open bar which goes against the strict statewide limitation on bar service.

Senator Laughlin responded to these concerns while stating the following:

“We appreciate Chairman Wertz’s concerns, but the event will be outdoors and under 250 people, masks  and social distancing are common knowledge so they don’t need to be printed on an invitation, just like we didn’t feel the need to tell our guests to buckle up on their way to the event,” said Laughlin.

The Laughlin campaign Spokesman Dennis Roddy also has released the following statement in response to the Democratic Chairman’s claims:

Let’s address his concerns one at a time. He (Wertz) says the invitation does not state whether the event is indoors or outdoors. It’s a pig roast, Jim. If you don’t know that this sort of thing is done outside, I dread the work ahead for the region’s firefighters if you ever decide to try one yourself. He says that the invitation says nothing about social distancing. That’s right. It also doesn’t urge attendees to buckle up, wear sunscreen and not run with scissors. The event is for adults who have already gotten that message. The event will be set up accordingly. Wertz complains that the invitation makes no mention “of adhering to the PA Department of Health guidelines for events during the COVID-19 crisis.” That’s because these are adult citizens of Pennsylvania. They know the rules already. They don’t need a nanny with a Ph.D. nagging them.

Dennis Roddy, Laughlin Campaign Spokesman.

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