Erie Doctor’s Medical License Placed On Probation

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Citing “Inability to practice as a medical physician and surgeon with reasonable skill and safety to patients by reason of illness”, the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine suspended Dr. Raymond McAllister’s medical license for not less than 3 years but stayed that decision and placed his license on probation for not less than 3 years.
Dr. McAllister was allegedly involved in a road rage incident on I-79 on New Years Eve that involved a handgun.
He originally faced 8 charges as a result of the incident.
Without pleading guilty in the case, he entered an accelerated rehab program for non-violent first time offenders. He is expected to be in the ARD program for 6 months.
The Erie Times-News is reporting that while in the ARD, Dr. McAllister will be subject to random drug tests among other professional requirements.

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