Erie Downtown Development Corporation construction begins downtown

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The Erie Downtown Development Corporation (EDCC) non-profit has started their construction on three new buildings in the parking lot at 5th and State Street, where a McDonald’s used to be. A total of 300 new jobs, 25 new businesses, 140 new residential units and new public artwork will be developed as part of this $100 million investment.

“25,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor, 30 apartments,” said Matt Wachter, VP of Finance and Development for the EDCC. “The second is a 340-spot public parking garage. And the third is a building that will wraparound the parking garage.”

The wraparound building also includes 30 residential units and commercial space on the ground floor.

“People have a place to live, and it’s really bringing assets to an area that’s really not been invested in for years,” Wachter added.

With new developments happening downtown, one local business said this will bring more people and money to the community. Anne Lewis, director of marketing for Red Letter Hospitality, which owns Molly Brannigan’s near the construction site, said this is what the community has been asking for.

“With this new parking garage coming to life, and all these businesses coming in,” Lewis said, “it’s just going to drive so much traffic and bodies downtown, which is what we need to have in Erie.”

Wachter agrees.

“Poorest zip code in the United States of America, [so] bringing investment dollars in here really benefits the entire community… We are going to have a food hall that’s going to open at the end of summer with nine local vendors. We are going to have a grocery store that will open again in the summer. it’s going to be a phenomenal, phenomenal asset, we think, for the residents and the people who work here everyday in downtown Erie.”

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