Erie enjoys its sliver of warmth today

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It’s the warmest February 20th in Erie on record and people are making the most of the warm temperatures.  

Places like Frontier Park were packed with people today, trying to soak in every minute of sunshine they can.  Sue Hewitt walks eight to ten miles at Presque Isle State Park every day, rain or shine; winter or summer.  But, when she saw the weather forecast, she knew it wouldn’t be a typical February stroll.

She says, “I watched the news last night. I knew it was going to be warm, so I had my day planned that I’m just gonna walk all day. Until the sun sets I’ll be outside.” 

And, she’s not the only one who had that idea.  With temperatures reaching higher than 70 degrees today, the parking lots were packed at the Peninsula, Donald Geerdson among the crowd.  “I enjoy being out here, meeting people and stuff. I think it’s so wonderful.”

Some parents, like Ashley Caldwell, tell us the warmer weather also provides an opportunity for some creative family bonding.  “Well, I picked my daughter up from pre-school and it is gorgeous, so we decided to come down to Frontier.”

Caldwell says there’s nothing like getting back outside with her five-year-old daughter, Alexa, after being cooped up all winter, and they were in good company.  Cole, who was playing in the park, tells us, “It’s actually crazy how it’s like this weather right now, its pretty crazy… it’s supposed to be like 20 degrees right now!” 

After all, days like this one are few and far between during a Northwestern Pennsylvania winter, so when the sun is shining; you’ll find Erieites enjoying the outdoors.

The previous high for February 20th was 66 degrees and Erie hit 67 degrees before 10 o’clock this morning.  The people we spoke with say it’s not just about getting active, they say the nice weather, alone, can be a huge morale booster, especially after such a snowy winter.


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