Erie faith leaders call Pennsylvania’s educational funding socially unjust

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Erie faith leaders call Pennsylvania-s educational funding s_16524845-159532

Faith leaders are backing the Erie School District in the fight for fair funding.

They’re calling the financial inequality socially unjust.

A handful of clergy members of different faiths met with Erie School District Superintendent Jay Badams at Central Career & Technical School on Thursday morning to show support and better understand the district’s financial issue.

Some faith leaders are called the state’s educational funding system unfair, saying it targets the poor.

They say if there was ever a time that we need political officials, the time is now.

“Lay politics aside and put principal on top for the welfare of our children,” said Bishop Dwayne Brock, pastor at Erie’s Victory Christian Center. “We don’t see that happening.”

The Erie School District awaits not only a state budget to help determine what’s next, but also a financial credit rating.

A poor rating would mean the district can’t take out a loan for the start of the next school year, which would send them into a state of recovery.

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