Erie fans are lining up for blockbuster ‘Avengers: End Game,’ we spoke with some of them today…

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It is one of the most anticipated films of the year; ‘Avengers: End Game,’ and local fans were lined up late last night, and all day today, to see it.

The Marvel Universe is raking in the dough with their newest feature. 

Fans of all ages have been on this journey for 11 years now, and, 22 movies later, the day to see how everything will end is here.

Some fans played hookey on Friday.

Cory Sheehan tells us, “We’re really excited. I actually took a half-day of work and let him stay home from school today.”

Other fans coming out because the franchise is a little keepsake from their childhood.

Lazaro Coausell tells us, “…my favorite character was Iron Man back in 2008 when I was such a little kid.”

Steven Howard says the franchise has been a part of his life since he was nine-years-old. “I’m really happy that I get to see the end of the story… I’m excited to see if they take it in any new directions, or what the future plans hold.”

The running time for the film is just over three hours. 

Tim Murphy of the Jessica and Murphy Show on Star 104 says he knows exactly how to make it through the film for those who need to take a bathroom break; it’s an app called ‘RunPee’.  It will give you an audible cue to listen for to let you know when you can use the bathroom without missing anything important in the film.

“The really cool thing about the app is it gives you a synopsis about what you’re missing so you don’t have to nudge anyone and be like, ‘what did I miss?’ and annoy everyone.”

For those not wanting to listen to an audible cue, the app will go as far as to give you the time in which you should go. 

Now that you know how to make it through the movie, Braeden Barnett sums it up best saying it’s a bittersweet ending to a franchise that would go on for ‘infinity’. “Part of me is so excited to get in there and see it all come to a conclusion and, of course, there is going to be more movies, but there will never be this cast and this time of being this new.”

This weekend,  you will have a lot of opportunities to see the film, as Tinseltown is showing it more than 33 times between 8:45 and 10:55.

They will keep these extended hours until Monday.

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