Erie First Assembly along with other local churches contribute to help migrant children who are now living in Erie

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Love thy neighbor as thyself. It’s those words Erie First Assembly and other churches are acting on to help the underage migrant girls now living in Erie.

Here is how those local churches are contributing to and helping those children.

Erie First Assembly is the hub of donations for the kids. They said that regardless of what others may think these are children in need.

“The words of Jesus are really important to us and Jesus said two things kind of as a summary. Love the Lord with your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself,” said Nichole Schreiber, Pastor of Erie First Assembly.

Loving your neighbor as yourself is what the pastor of Erie First Assembly Nichole Schreiber is doing to help the 146 underage migrant girls.

It has been a week since the children landed in Erie coming from thousands of miles away.

Since their arrival, community leaders have been gathering donations.

Erie First Assembly on Oliver Road is the hub for drop-off donations.

The children need brand new underwear, socks, shirts, toys and other necessities.

“It’s just really important for us to keep the main thing, the main thing, and focus on these children and they need something and we’re going to do what we can to provide it,” said Schreiber.

Many community leaders said that this is a test from God.

“We feel that it’s part of our calling to be in missions. We believe that our calling is to not just be the church for this congregation, but to be the church for our community,” said Tom Hoeke, Pastor at Summit United Methodist Church.

Summit United Methodist Church placed a bin outside to collect donations to be sent to the Erie First Assembly.

The pastor of Erie First said those interested in volunteering need to fill out a form.

The kids are being supervised by federal workers, but there’s no indication when or if they will need volunteers.

These churches however said that they want to be ready just in case they are given the greenlight.

“We know that there’s a lot of opinions that circle even issues surrounding this. We just want to ultimately help the kids,” said Schreiber.

We spoke with the public information officer of HHS to see how the kids are doing. We couldn’t receive any information at this time.

You can click here to find out the details pertaining to donations.

To find out how you can help through the Erie Catholic Diocese pertaining to donations and volunteer opportunities, click here.

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