Erie folks welcome the first snow storm of the year

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Waking up in the morning no one would have thought that it would be a white out outside. With the snow sticking to the ground and winds picking up speed from time to time Erie folks got the taste of their first snow storm of the year.

“The reaction was why so soon and could it just stay away for another month,” said Tom Skinner. Snow piling up in our neighborhoods is another reminder that T’is the season. Many residents said that keeping a shovel in their vehicles was the first thing on their list when they headed out during the snow storm. 

John Walker is no stranger to the snow he has been living in Downtown, Erie with his family for 15 years. “We saw it started to come last night but we weren’t expecting this much fortunately we just got a new snow blower so we were prepared for it,” said Walker. 

Remember to have enough food and water in your homes before you are snowed in. That way you’ll have more time inside with your loved ones rather than heading out in the cold for last minute supplies.

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