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Erie has similar procedure in place to Ohio as far as removing voters from rolls

A Supreme Court ruling on an Ohio voting procedure gives Erie County Officials a sense of relief. 

The Supreme Court ruled the Ohio practice of removing voters from the state's voter rolls does not violate federal law.  In Ohio, officials can remove the names of registered voters if they have not participated in recent elections and if they don't respond to a notice. 

The Erie County Clerk of Elections, Doug Smith, says he agrees with the decision.  He says Erie has a similar policy in place.  "We don't feel that the current program punishes voters in any way nor does it prevent people from voting. It really only affects people who don't vote."

Smith says it would take several years of inactivity for someone to be removed from the voter rolls.  He also tells us the practice helps to make sure the list of registered voters is as accurate as possible.

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