Erie High life skills student scores honorary touchdown at football game

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It’s a moment you rarely see in football games, both teams coming together for a touchdown.

That’s what happened during the Erie High v.s. McDowell freshman football game as EHS junior Jacob Douglas scored an honorary touch down. 

“I am so glad to be part of McDowell and Erie High coming together so that it makes his dreams come true,” said Jennifer Douglas, Jacob’s mother. Jacob is a life skills student at Erie High and his mom says being involved with the football team helps Jacob forget about his differences.

“Any child with special needs, they just want to fit in, they want to be like every other child,” said Douglas. “So all of these other kids that think they are not making a difference to somebody, they are.”

Jacob is the team manager for the Royals’ football team and the head freshman coach says they love having Jacob around. “With him being around the program and the kids understanding what he’s going through and they encourage him and they play hard for him,” said Andre Henderson, head freshman football coach at Erie High.  

During Wednesday’s game, Jacob suited up and ran the ball into the end zone. The McDowell freshman football team was also in on sharing that special moment with Jacob.  

McDowell’s freshman football coach Ned Bailey says even though Jacob is at Erie High, that moment meant a lot to everyone no matter what team. “Anybody who has special needs, always we want to accommodate and do whatever they can to make them feel better about themselves,” said Ned Bailey, freshman football coach at McDowell High School. 

Despite who won the game, this was a special night for everyone in the stadium. 

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