With back to school season quickly approaching, Erie High School’s nearly $72 million renovations are expected to be complete for the start of the academic year.

Roughly 60 different classrooms throughout the building were worked on and renovated with 19 remaining.

Inside of the building, the main entrance has seen huge changes and is still being worked on, leading some to wonder if the building will be ready to welcome students.

“I’ve been told by contractors that the front of the building will be done by the start of the school year. I think that this is an investment that the board was willing to make in the building. When all is told, between phase one and two, the total investment in this building is about 72 million dollars and it was long overdue,” said Neal Brockman, executive director of operations.

Brockman added that most of the work done to the building has been on the floor, ceiling and in the walls; students should expect to see improvements beyond the entrance of the school.