Erie High School radiates excitement for the new year

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You’ll be seeing a lot of purple and gold around town as three schools become one and Erie High School gears up to kick off their school year.

When the announcement was made back in the spring, everyone seemed unsure, now, it’s finally here, and excitement is in the air!  Three different schools with three different names, colors, and mascots merge together to become Erie High School.  Within a couple of months, purple and gold and the new Royals logo is showing up everywhere.

Erie School District Coordinator of Community Grants and Relations, Daria Devlin, tells us, “At first, people weren’t sure about the purple… they weren’t sure they liked it, but now that they see it, they’re excited. I love that it’s totally different than any of the other schools… It just represents something new and everybody’s really coming behind it.” 

EHS Cheerleader Jaden Shick is one of those students who turned around, telling us, “I thought I wasn’t going to like the purple and gold, but I actually really like the colors.”

The Partnership for Erie’s Public Schools is a non-profit that raises funds to support the Erie School District and its schools.  Their ‘Erie Strong’ campaign was created in light of the school consolidation.  It raised more than $100,000 “to buy all the new athletic uniforms for the teams… to help the district with branding of the new school,” says Devlin.  They reached that goal thanks to community members, alumni and now, corporations.

With the three schools merging together as one, the cheerleading team had to learn all new chants, but after months of practice, the girls are ready! We are the Erie High Royals, don’t you forget!”  The team combined chants and cheers from all three schools to reflect the rebranding.

Cheerleader Jazy Ambush tells us, “It’s exciting because you get new experiences, you make new friends; sisters, basically… it’s gonna be really awesome.”

Head Varsity Cheer Coach, Bridget Dieslak tells us of the excitement for getting their brand new supplies.  “They couldn’t wait to have their shoes, their poms… everything… and wear them right away!”

The district wants to see you wearing your purple gear at the game tomorrow!  They will be selling merchandise there in case you still need to pick yours up.

The Royals will be facing Meadville at Veteran’s Stadium, the game begins at 7pm.

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