The first class of students returned to the classroom today at Erie High School. This is the first group of students to return since the shooting that took place in April.

Seniors were back in the classroom today with new and upgraded safety measures after the school shooting that took place on April 5.

Erie High School seniors are the first to go through the newly installed metal detectors.

“We were able tog et the kids through this morning in about six minutes which is great for the first time we do this, and we’ll continue to refine things as we’ll be back to normal by next week sometime,” said Brian Polito, Superintendent of Erie Public Schools.

The staggered schedule will give teachers and students a chance to get familiar with the new safety procedures.

“That will allow us to refine our process. If something didn’t work today with 300 kids, it’s certainly not going to work with as many that show up tomorrow since we have two groups coming in. So that’ll kind of give us feedback and help us streamline that process,” said Stephanie Domowicz, Erie High School English Teacher.

Domowicz and her co-worker worked alongside the administration as the new safety measures were installed and upgraded.

“Locks on the doors make us feel a lot safer and then all the rooms can be locked from the inside. So it’s always nice to know that we have those security measures,” said Luke Wilmoth, Algebra One Erie High School Teacher.

“We practiced those lockdown procedures and really give everyone a chance to make sure that they feel as though they know what they are doing if something happens,” said Domowicz.

As students return, Superintendent Polito wants to make sure that everyone in the high school feels safe.

“Everyone went through a lot of trauma with the incident on April 5. We have a lot of support here in the building. If they have any questions or concerns reach out to their teachers, to one of the administrators, anybody that they’re comfortable with in the building will be able to help with them,” said Polito.

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On Thursday, juniors will come back to school. Sophomores will return on Friday, and Freshmen will return on May 9.