The Erie Humane Society is going the extra mile to help a dog become rehabilitated after speculations of being hit by a car.

The Erie Humane Society partnered with Dorchester Paws in South Carolina to help a dog named Lennie who they suspect was hit by a car and lost all use of his back legs, bladder function, and tail.

The executive director of the Erie Humane Society said the veterinarians in South Carolina could not determine what caused the injuries as there were no fractures in Lennie’s x-rays.

Dorchester Paws raised funds to privately fly Lennie to Erie four weeks ago, and he has since been loved and welcomed with open arms at the Erie Humane Society and taken in by a foster.

The executive director said Lennie is participating in physical therapy sessions and is on the path to recovery.

“He was at balance physical therapy yesterday, an anonymous donor provided him his set of wheels. His foster was with him, and Doctor Nester at balance, they were able to see that he’s trying to stand on his back legs, he’s starting to wag his tail a little bit,” said Nicole Leone, executive director, Erie Humane Society.

Lennie will head to Pittsburgh next Thursday for more detailed scans to determine the cause of his injuries.