Erie Institute of Technology holds welding competition while awarding both scholarships and prizes

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The welding industry is booming, but it can also be very competitive. Here is a look at the welding competition that took place today.

According to the welding program at Erie Institute of Technology, the demand for welders is high.

This means that it is a great time for students to compete for a scholarship to use toward their welding education.

Competitors showed their all at the welding competition that was held at Erie Institute of Technology. Winners of this competition won scholarships and prizes.

This competition was divided into three divisions. These three levels included high school division, post secondary, and industry division.

“We have 45 competitors here today, the largest turnout we have ever had. This is our second year. We just had to skip one for COVID, but we are back online now that the industry market for welders is hot,” said Doug Jordan, Welding Program Director at Erie Institute of Technology.

“I think I did pretty good. I stumbled a little bit, but besides that I think it went pretty well. I appreciate that I was able to come up here and do it,” said Gavin Holeva, Student.

Participants were eager to win the prize money. They only had 45 minutes to complete their creation from the blue print design.

“There is a preset of plates they are handed supplied by a local company and then they are marked and given a blue print. They have to assemble that to the blue print along with the specifications of that blue print,” said Jordan.

Participants will also have to take a written exam.

Donna Hazen, the Secretary on the Board of America Welding Society of Western PA, said that the exam is another step in the competition to determine the final winner.

“Every first place winner we have in every category is going to get $2,500 to continue their education,” said Donna Hazen, Secretary on the Board of America Welding Society of Western PA.

The top three welders in each category will also receive gear and trophies.

Some of the participants from today’s competition were also awarded jobs at the award ceremony today to work for modular engineering.

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