Erie Insurance Director of Diversity and Inclusion speaks on diversity in the workplace

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As Black History Month comes to an end, we dive into the struggles of diversity in workplaces. It continues to be a topic of discussion in companies large and small.

The Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Erie Insurance, Tesha Nesbit, says diversity is the key factor to bringing new ideas to a workplace. With new ideas come better and broader opportunities and understanding.

“When we talk about diversity, it’s often who is in the room and, really, when we think about equity, equity is really who is trying to get into the room, but they can’t.” Nesbit said.

Nesbit talks about the importance of diversity and inclusion for all workplaces. She says employees must understand that not having diversity in a workplace can result in a lack of voices in the room.

Nesbit says Erie Insurance is diverse and inclusive, so the question is how can other employers improve diversity?

“Acknowledging equity, it means acknowledging that there has been a system of inability to access from a fair standpoint to get in to these kind of jobs to be considered for them.” Nesbit said.

Another question would be is diversity and inclusion a critical factor for all workplaces?

“It has to be an examination of policies and programs and protocols that have been lingering for so long that have made it nearly impossible.” Nesbit said.

One might ask what is the difference between qualifications vs. diversity?

“But then, it’s about qualification vs. preferences, so preferences are those things that are added it, that might distinguish or differentiate a candidate from another.” Nesbit said.

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