Erie Insurance to choose 20 kids to help sail the Brig Niagara

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Erie’s Flagship Niagara sails again in next year’s Tall Ships festival as part of the Tall Ships challenge.  

JET 24’s Samiar Nefzi was at Erie Insurance headquarters today for a big announcement.

The ship represents Erie and the state of Pennsylvania.  Today, we learned more about next summer’s Tall Ships Challenge.

The Tall Ships Challenge is sailing back into the Great Lakes next August.  This time, up to 15 sailing vessels will be a part of the Erie event. 

Director of Tall Ships, Erin Short, says, “when you go down to the waterfront in August, it’s going to look incredible; like literally stepping back in time. This is how Erie looked back in the eighteen-hundreds.”

Erie Insurance has helped sponsor the event since 2010.  So, what’s new?  This year, the company is sponsoring 20 scholarships for Erie students to join the crew. 

Timothy NeCastro, President of Erie Insurance, tells us, “students from Erie County can apply and basically have a two-week long experience working as a crew member on the Brig Niagara this summer.”

Now, if you are thinking about joining the crew this summer, it’s going to be a little bit of a stretch from a cruise as you will be full immersing yourself as part of the crew as a deckhand. You’ll be doing things such as steering the ship to taking first watch.

Captain William Sabatini of the Niagara says, “they leave as part of our family, our crew. It’s a journey about learning something about yourself too.”

Like a journey back in time, sailing aboard a Tall Ship is a great way to celebrate Lake Erie’s history. 

Short says, “by having sponsors like Erie insurance, it does help preserve the history of the Tall Ships. It brings people down to the waterfront to remind people of the maritime history of the Great Lakes; was pretty impressive”.

The Tall Ship festival will be August 22nd-25th.  The sailing program will take place from June 9th-June 22nd.  

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