Two local synagogues and the Jewish Community Council are partnering to give back to the Jewish community in Ukraine.

The Jewish Community Council of Erie is taking an initiative to provide emergency funding to the Jewish community in Ukraine and has already allocated $25,000.

The council also is engaging in a matching system for the funding where the council will match donations for anyone interested in supporting the Jewish community.

Those involved said they consider donating and helping those in need to be part of their concept for Judaism for a worldwide family.

“What we can do to help if somebody needs help. We are always willing and hopefully able to provide help and the endowments that the Jewish Community Council has been used for lots of philanthropic purposes throughout the history. This is one of the really important ways we can help in a critical time,” said Rabbi Robert Morais, Temple Anshe Hesed.

Donations can be sent to the Jewish Community Council. They can be contacted through Temple Anshe Hesed or reached directly.