Erie Land Lighthouse set to open to the public

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The Erie Land Lighthouse has been set to open to the public for the very first time.

This comes after COVID restrictions begin to ease and the temperatures are getting warmer in Erie.

Here is more on the history of this lighthouse.

This lighthouse is 203 years old and it was the first lighthouse on the great lakes. Many people say that the standing of the lighthouse just tells the history of Erie.

There are 69 steps of spiral stairs to get to the top of the 1818 Erie Land Lighthouse.

This lighthouse took years to open, but now it’s finally open to the public to enjoy the view of the history that holds.

The Erie Land Lighthouse was built from wood in 1818 and some say that this is the unique part of Erie’s history.

“We really want it to be opened to the public because we want people in Erie and our visitors to understand how important these structures were to navigate in ships,” said Emily Butler, Executive Director of Presque Isle Lighthouse.

In 1867, the lighthouse was renewed by using sandstone with brick lining, but then in 1899 the lighthouse was permanently put off for a while.

The Presque Isle light station was put to use since it was in a better location to warn the sailors.

Some people said that growing up they weren’t totally aware of the importance of Erie’s maritime history.

“I knew that Perry built his fleet here and that’s about it. So between the history of the maritime, the trade of the lighthouse, and their importance, there’s a lot to be learned even if you’ve lived here your whole life,” said Patty Rial, Erie Resident.

As visitors walk all the way up to the top of the lighthouse and see the vast view that it holds, they’ll sense why this 203 year old lighthouse brings a significance to the community.

Erie residents just hope visitors will walk away understanding the value of this and the other two lighthouses.

“An understanding of lighthouses, architecture, and engineering history of Erie and history of maritime. So if they walk away having to enjoy their visit and learn a little bit of something they didn’t know before, that would be considered a win in my book,” said Butler.

We’re told that every first Tuesday of the month the lighthouse will offer free tours.

Of course during the weekend, through the summer there will be a small fee to climb all the way to the top of this lighthouse.

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