Erie landlord helps tenants in time of uncertainty

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In times of uncertainty, one Erie landlord is looking to help its tenants.

Mayor Joe Schember revealed that after the landlord received a text from one of his tenants that their April rate would come in late, he decided to continue reaching out.

The landlord later found out that with that tenant, three other tenants have lost their job and are in the same situation.

Following that situation, a decision was made that the landlord would waive April’s rent from them.

“None of have been through anything like this before in our lives, it’s very unique, it’s very different, the world doesn’t even seem totally real to me now to be very honest. Those acts of kindness they kind of bring you back and say hey yeah we are still human beings, we are still in this together. It’s very inspiring that kind of act of kindness and I congratulate that landlord for what he did,” said Mayor Joe Schember,(D) City of Erie.

The landlord has a total of six tenants in the city of Erie.

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