Erie Lank Bank kicks off series of blighted property demolitions

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The Erie Land Bank announced in a news release that the Erie Land Bank kicked-off a series of blighted property demolitions this week as crews from Lipchik Demolition & Excavating began razing structures at 460 East 10th Street and 1220 East Lake Road.

The structures, both vacant for several years, had been formally declared blighted by the City of Erie’s Blighted Property Review Committee in 2018.

The Erie Redevelopment Authority condemned the properties earlier this year and subsequently transferred ownership to the Erie Land Bank who contracted with Lipchik for the demolitions.

These demolitions are expected to be the first of at least 16 demolitions currently being scheduled by the Erie Land Bank under a cooperative agreement with the Erie County Land Bank. That agreement earmarked approximately $400,000 of gaming fund revenues directed to the County Land Bank’s control and dedicated to blight mitigation throughout Erie County.

The Redevelopment Authority’s Executive Director, Scott Henry, speaking on behalf of the Authority and the Erie Land Bank stated, “we anticipate that this will be one of the most aggressive campaigns in recent times to clear blighted structures from the City’s neighborhoods. To date, we have contracted for the demolition of 11 structures and expect to have contracts for several more in place within the next few weeks. The cooperation and financial support of the Erie County Land Bank has been a critical component of the Erie Land Bank’s ability to ramp up operations and play a role in realizing Mayor Schember’s vision of Erie’s ‘welcoming and vibrant neighborhoods’. We recognize that nearly every neighborhood in the City is saddled by abandoned and blighted structures and we fully expect to deploy additional resources to mitigate those either through demolition or rehabilitation.”

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