Erie law enforcement comes together to cleanup Wallace Street neighborhood

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James Lehr has resided in the Wallace Street neighborhood for the past 13 years. What you don’t know, he also has a disability which eliminates him from doing simple tasks in his home.

Having someone help clean up his flowerbeds and lawn goes a long way.

“It helps me a lot, I usually do the mowing, they said they are going to do the edging and everything which is hard for me to do with my knees and hips so that helps me a lot,” Lehr said.

The SPCP, which stands of “Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships”, ServErie, and volunteers are coming together to clean up and create and unite with neighbors.

Across 7th and Wallace Street you can find people doing a good deed.

Michael Outlaw, City of Erie Community Liaison says, “The concern is with law enforcement in the community, so we’re trying to bridge that gap today. Today is the law of what you see.”

Police and volunteers will be removing debris and trash, mowing lawns, and knocking on doors and introducing themselves to the community.

Mayor Joe Schember, City of Erie says, “This is historically one of the worst neighborhoods in Erie in terms of crime and things happening, so we’re trying to make a big step forward to changing this neighborhood into a great place for people to live and play.”

The initiative looks to better the community and ultimately create trust with one another.

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