Erie man and Girard woman charged with animal cruelty for injuring dog and failing to tend to its injuries

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An Erie man and Girard woman have been charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty and other charges after Girard police say the two severely injured a pit bull mix and failed to take care of the dog’s injuries.

Friday, The A.N.N.A Shelter says they received a call from the Girard police stating a puppy, reported to be a stray, was injured.

The police department called The A.N.N.A Shelter to see if they could assist.

A.N.N.A Shelter staff took the dog to a Pittsburgh hospital to be treated for a broken shoulder, among other injuries.

23-year-old Katherine Thompson and 22-year-old Dylon Curtis have since been charged.

Thompson originally told police the dog did not belong to her, however, community members reached out to the department after seeing a post on Facebook stating she and Curtis had both been seen mistreating the dog.

Humane officer Eric Duckett says the case relied on both veterinarians and the police department.

“In this case, I believe Girard Police Department investigated the situation and came to find out it was a case of aggravated cruelty,” said Eric Duckett, Humane Officer, A.N.N.A Shelter

Both Thompson and Curtis have been taken into custody, however, it is unclear if they were taken in from the charges related to animal cruelty or a separate case.

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