Erie man found guilty of killing a Wendy’s manager in Edinboro sentenced to life in prison

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An Erie man found guilty of killing a Wendy’s manager in Edinboro is sentenced to life in prison today.

The defendant, Markese Lampley, is facing additional charges on top of this life sentencing.

Here is more on what this sentencing means for the victim and his family.

Members of Alexander Cavanah’s family said that his death and this trial have been very painful.

Today they reminded the courtroom of Alexander’s heroic actions while risking his life to save his coworkers.

Markese Lampley was found guilty of second degree murder after fatally shooting an Edinboro Wendy’s manager 22-year-old Alexander Cavanah in 2020.

Now 21-year-old Lampley has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

“Mr. Lampley chose his actions that day. Those actions terrorized seven young people and killed one, and his actions after the fact put the community at large in danger,” said Jessica Reger, Assistant District Attorney for Erie County.

The family of victim testified today expressing the impact of Alexander’s death has had on the family and the community.

Despite initial feelings of pain and grief, Cavanah’s sister, mother and grandmother said they forgive Lampley for his actions.

“The family’s ability to forgive and the grace that they showed is amazing to me and it truly is a testament to the impact this crime has had on the family, the people that were there, the community at large and that just shows the kind of person Alexander Cavanah was,” said Reger.

Judge John Trucilla said that Lampley’s life sentence is needed to protect the public, honor the victim, and witnesses who were impacted.

Judge Trucilla addressed the courtroom and the defendant.

“It’s a tale of two twenty-year-olds. We heard about a contrast. He would give you the shirt off his back and you would take it. You took a short cut. Alexander Cavanah represented the best of humanity. Today is a day there can be light,” said Trucilla.

In addition to a life sentence, Lampley will serve an additional 13 to 64 years in prison.

These additional charges are mainly related to the attempted robbery and various degrees of assault against seven young Edinboro Wendy’s employees.

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