One month after a fatal shooting at an Erie nightclub, an arrest has been made. Erie police said they hope the arrest provides some closure for the family of the victim and the neighborhood.

A month after the fatal shooting of 38-year-old Steve Smith, Erie police announced the arrest of 22-year-old Shannon Goodwin.

Goodwin is facing criminal homicide charges, along with other charges including aggravated assault. The fatal shooting took place during a private party at the metroplex nightclub on Buffalo Road.

“There was a photographer at the event, there were surveillance cameras at the event and there were surveillance cameras outside the event that we were able to piece together before and after the homicide occurred,” said Chief Rick Lorah, Erie Police Department.

Lorah added that in addition to watching surveillance video, investigators spent time speaking with many witnesses.

“Hundreds of videos. Hundreds of hours of interviewing individuals and re-interviewing these individuals and placing this all together, so ultimately we hope this brings closure to the families,” Lorah added.

One neighbor said this murder was especially concerning for families in the area.

“Ladies and kids, for the most part, I think are pretty scared. It’s tragic but I’m not scared,” said Ed Kuziak.

Kuziak told WJET that he’s still concerned for the neighborhood.

“Buffalo Road is for the most part pretty bad — like all the way around, especially in the summertime. It sucks but it is what it is. Law enforcement is doing their part, and a criminal is brought to justice,” Kuziak added.

This murder marks the last homicide of 2022. All the homicides from last year have been solved in the City of Erie.