Erie NAACP and others march downtown to voice their support for community college in Erie

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“Don’t redline community college” is what the Erie NAACP and others are saying about the placement of Erie county’s community college.

Some Erie High School seniors, along with the organization, marched downtown to have their voices heard.

Here are the concerns of those who attended this march.

The President of Erie’s NAACP, Gary Horton, said that he and others have been fighting for over 40 years for a community college to be placed in downtown Erie.

Horton fears redlining which he explains was a way to limit opportunities in neighborhoods back in the day.

This group gathered downtown as a response to the temporary placement of the Erie County Community College.

The college’s board will use the Blasco Library which is one of several sites as a resource for the students.

Some people said that they would have better access if the college is placed downtown.

“Because the number one goal we have coming from Africa is to come here and be successful and to help our people back home,” said Kumbaba Fayia, Student.

Kumbaba Fayia is a senior at Erie High School. She came to the United States at a young age and wants to study nursing.

Fayia said that if the college is placed downtown, she wouldn’t have to worry about accessing necessities.

“We have everything that we need over here. Instead of worrying about going to the west side and east side, everything is right here,” said Fayia.

The President of Erie’s NAACP, Gary Horton, said that there are several of million dollar investments in the heart of downtown.

Horton questions why shouldn’t education be one of those investments?

“What kind of sense does it make to put the low cost access quality education away from the people and all of the resources they need to be successful? That’s called educational redlining,” said Gary Horton, President of Erie’s NAACP.

The interim president of the college said that the temporary placement of the college isn’t redlining.

“The college will be in multiple sites. We will be in the city and we will be in the county. Access is critical and I should also say we’re going to be online,” said Judith Gay, Interim President of Erie Community College.

Those who attended the rally today just hope that their voices are heard.

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